Truth and life
It takes two to tango
What control in relationships means to me
Being yourself in relationships
Men and clothes
This place in my life feels right
It's not really natural for either of us
A marriage of understanding, passion and pregnancy
Where these men come from...
How I discovered what I need
Are Men Necessary?

Also the points about rights/consent etc are good too but the dominant men I have known have not been old fashioned misogynists, although many do exist, but men who see me as an equal, who see we share a similar but complementary and perhaps rare sexuality and are able to take charge in aeras where I choose that they do but whilst respecting my career and full life. Not sure I'd vote as I was told however.... although many women do in the UK - their husband choose -some Muslim women - postal voting has given men power to cast votes for properly subjugated wives which didn't exist when they had to turn up to vote, although I suppose they could just be denied the transport to do so.

My husband and I were both virgins when we married, and he was 30. That was seven years ago, and though it's definitely unusual these days, our decision to wait was not because of any defect in either of us.

My husband was deeply religious at the time. He always stated that he would never marry a woman who was not a virgin, and since he had that criteria for his future wife, he felt that it was only fair that he held himself to the same high standard. But he did date a lot, and his dates tried to seduce him quite often.

Neither one of us feel like we missed out on anything. Our mutual lack of experience took away some of the pressure, and what we didn't know, we've had fun learning together! :)

We're surely in the minority around here, but my husband and I were too when we got married almost 11 years ago. Coincidentally, he was also 30. From my standpoint, in addition to other reasons for staying a virgin so long, I really think there's something to be said for not comparing partners. Since I've never had another partner, I suppose I could be wrong about that, but I certainly have no regrets.